Conservation Projects

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Current Projects

Bike TrailBoone County Conservation Board is constantly striving to protect, improve, and restore the natural areas in Boone County.  Here are a few of the projects we are currently working on.

Grant's Woods

High Trestle Trail

 Soaring to New Heights

Osprey Release ProgramBoone County Conservation Board has been involved with an Osprey Release Program every year for the last three years.  This wonderful program helps to reintroduce this amazing raptor back to Boone County.  This spring Boone County is proud to announce the hatching of two wild Osprey Chicks at Don Williams Lake. 

More information about Osprey Release

Swede Point Park Educational PrairieSwede Point Park Educational Prairie

A new project has taken place by the Boone County Conservation Board which created an educational prairie planting at Swede Point Park.  Plots have been planted using nearly 100 different species of native prairie wildflowers and grasses, with each individual species marked for easy identification.

More details about Swede Point Park Educational Prairie Site

Don Williams Luxury Cabins

Cabin #1 at Don WilliamsAll the comforts of home nestled into a cozy woodland setting next to the lake.  Don Williams luxury cabins are a great place to spend a fun family summer vacation, a romantic winter’s eve, or just a chance to get away from it all.

More information and rental rates for the Don Williams Cabins