Radon Awareness

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Test Your Home Today!

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January is RADON Action Month



Boone County will be holding FREE Radon Seminars at 7 pm on January 9th and January 23rd 2018, at the Erb Center at the Boone County Fairgrounds.  Learn how to protect your family from this silent killer.  Attend one of these seminars and even order a low cost test kit. Click Here to register for one of these events on-line.

However, the hazard from radon continues year round. 

RADON is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that can build up inside your home and make your family sick!  The only way to know if you have high RADON levels is to test your home.


LOW COST TEST KITS (sold at cost) are available from the Health & Sanitation Office at the Boone County Courthouse, or by attending one of our FREE Radon Action Month Seminars. 

    Short Term test kits - (test period 3 to 7 days) used for initial testing, and for re-testing when levels are above 8 pCi/L.    (Retail value: $14.95)       PRICE = $ 8.00

    Long Term test kits - (test period 91 to 365 days) used for follow-up testing where the results are between 4 pCi/L and 8 pCi/L.    (Retail Value $ 25.95)      PRICE = $ 25.00

 These kits are easy to use, directions are included.  Postage and labs fees are paid, so testing is INCLUDED in the Cost. 

Hurry and get your kit while supplies last!


  • Iowa is #1 in the nation for homes with radon levels above the EPA recommended action limit. 
  • Radon kills more than 20,000 persons per year in the United States alone.
  • Radon can be in ANY home or building.
  • Testing for Radon is easy, fast and inexpensive.
  • Radon problems in your home CAN be fixed!

Information about Radon is available at the following websites:

    Iowa Department of Public Health: Radon Program

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Radon / Indoor Air Program

If you have questions, or for further information, call the Boone County Sanitarian  at 515-433-0506 during normal business hours.