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News Review
January 2013
January 2013
Posted Date: 2/6/2013

1-1-2013 12:28am  Deputy Zeutenhorst conducted a traffic stop within the city of Boone.  The driver, Madison McDonald,17 was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated and possession of alcohol.  Her passengers; Jordan Okerstrom, 17 of Osage and Susana Gomez,16 of Webster City were charged with possession of alcohol under legal age.

1-1-2013 8:32pm Deputy Twigg stopped a vehicle within the 1400 block of H Ave. The driver, Andy Gonzalez, 21 of Perry was cited for Driving While Suspended.

1-2-2013 11:47pm Deputy Ruter responded to the 1700 block of 219th Lane and took a report of a stolen 2000 white Chevrolet Silverado truck with a snow plow.  Investigation is continuing.

1-3-2013 2:48am Deputy Quinn stopped a vehicle within the 100 block of Highway 30.  The driver, Tiana Springer,37 of Jefferson was cited for Driving under suspension.

1-3-2013 5:42am  Deputy Quinn responded to a vehicle in the ditch complaint within the 1000 block of 230th St.  The driver of the vehicle, Thomas Abney,28 of Ames was cited for Failure to Mainatin Control.

1-3-2013 9:09am  Deputy Twigg transported Brian Bishop,33 of Woodward from the Boone County Jail to Curt Forbes.

1-3-2013 1:41pm Deputy Ruter responded to a two vehicle accident within the 1000 block of 188th Road.  Brett Vinchattle,54 of Boone was traveling Northwest on 188th Rd.  Adam Bonnell,19 of Boone was traveling Southeast and entered the Northwest lane of travel striking Vinchattles vehicle.  Surface conditions were a factor. Minor injuries and approximately $6000 in total damages.

1-3-2013 6:56  Sgt Wingate and Deputy Zeutenhorst arrested Beth Brannan,35 of Boone for assault and criminal mischief.

1-3-2013 9:04am  Deputy Quinn responded to the 1200 block of Highway 30 for a vehicle vs. deer accident. No injuries to the driver, Jessica Paul,18 of Boone.  Approximately $5000 in damages.

1-4-2013 2:57 pm Deputy Ruter arrested Andrew Walton,22 of Ames for warrants from other counties.

1-4-2013 9:06pm  Deputy Quinn transported Josh Daniels,33 of Boone from the Polk County Jail for a Boone County Warrant.

1-5-2013  1:48am  Sgt. Wingate stopped a vehicle for speed and arrested the driver, Blake Sawyer,30 of Boone for Operating While Intoxicated.

1-6-2013  7:55pm Deputy Fangman arrested Dale Howe,57 of Boone for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

1-7-2013  12:47pm  Deputy Lukawski transported Dillon Savage, 21 of Lorimor from the Madison County Jail to our Boone County Jail for court.

1-7-2013  2:29 pm  Deputy Pontius and Detective Godzicki, Sgt Wingate and Canine Bandit assisted Chief Bailey with a vehicle in the ditch west of Ogden on Highway 30.  The occupants,  Richard Lucero,32 of Colorado and Celeste Martinez,31 of Colorado, were arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Mushrooms.

1-8-2013 11:27pm Sg.t Wingate and canine Bandit assisted Hamilton County with a drug investigation. 

1-9-2013  7:45am  Deputies Pontius and Ruter responded to a single vehicle accident within the 1200 block of Highway 30. Nathaniel Cain, 26 of Perry was heading eastbound on Highway 30 and lost control due to slick surface conditions.  His vehicle left the roadway and struck a cable barrier.  Complaint of injuries.  Approximately $900 in total damages.  Cain was cited for no valid drivers license.

1-9-2013 9:13am Deputy Ruter responded to the 1200 block of 216th Drive for a single vehicle accident.  Joy Johnson,54 of Boone lost control of her vehicle due to surface conditions and entered a ditch, striking a deliniator post.   $2025 in total damages. No injuries.

1-10-13  5:34pm  Deputy Zeutenhorst responded to the 1500 block of L Ave for a vehicle vs deer accident.  Josh Hampton-Tucker,31 of Ogden struck a deer while  on L Ave.  Approximately $2000 in damages. 

 1-11-2013  12:35pm  Deputy Twigg responded to a three vehicle accident at Highway 17 and 210th St. A vehicle, driven by Sheila Anderson,44 of Boone was stopped at the stop sign at 210th St. David Decoursey,71 of Des Moines was behind Anderson's vehicle and stopped as well at the stop sign. Ila Daniels,60  of Boone was approaching the stop sign but failed to stop, striking Decoursey's vehicle, which then struck Anderson's vehicle. Occupants of Daniels and Decoursey's vehicles complained of injuries.  Total damages approximately $14,000.  Daniels was cited for Failure To Stop At Assured Clear Distance.

1-13-2013  2:28am Deputy Quinn conducted a traffic stop within the 2000 block of 270th.  The driver, John Hofer,50 of Ames was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 2nd Offense, Open Container, Driving While Revoked, and Unlawful Possession Of Prescription Drugs.

1-14-2013  5:02am A semi was partially blocking Highway 17 at 180th. DeputyQuinn responded.  Part of Highway 17 was closed down until the semi was towed away.

 1-15-2013 5:03 PM Unknown male called to report a vehicle all over the road and speeding Northbound on 169. Deputy Fangman checked the area and was unable to locate.

1-16-2013 12:15 AM Deputy Gray checked suspious activity at the Westport Station. Vehicle was in and around the area and left in a hurry. Deputy Grey obtained plate information and added to complaint for further investigation.

1-16-2013 2:07 PM. Deputy Lukawski transported Joseph Duarte ref. a warrant for possession of narcotics. Story County had him in custody.

1-16-2013 4:41PM. Deputy's Pontius and Twigg responded to A avenue and U.S. 30 to an intoxicated male. Arthur Chambers was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the Boone County jail.

1-16-2013 4:08 P.M. Person called to report a sign knocked down at 310th and Unicorn. The person also reported that two people pulled up to the same location and took the sign.

 1-17-2013 7:12 PM Person called to report an erratic driver in a green truck and trailer with a snowmobile on it on highway 17 going North. The vehicle turned onto 270th, where a deputy fell in behind it and observed no improper action on the part of the driver.

1-17-2013 2:45 PM Panic alarms were set off at the Boone County Courthouse for an unruly person in the courtroom. The unruly person had confronted a deputy sheriff. The unruly person was escorted from the building.

1-17-2013 11:59 AM. Deputy Pontius responded to a domestic call in the 2200 blk of 228th Pl. One individual was allowed to collect their things and left the residence.

1-17-2013 4:00 PM. Boone Communications was advised by the Perry Police Department that they were receiving our 911 wireless calls on their system. The 911 system for wireless calls only was down. The system did what it was designed to do and rolled over all wireless 911 calls to the Perry Police department. No wireless calls were dropped or lost. Repars were ordered immediately.

1-17-2013 8:32 PM. Received a 911 call of a large amount of smoke in the 1200 block of U avenue. Deputies and fire checked the area and turned out to be a controlled burn.

1-18-2013 6:58AM. Driver of a car struck a deer on E-18 just East of Hwy 17. No report filed because of minimal damage.

1-18-2013 7:07 AM. Vehicle slid into the ditch at the Lincolnway Exit because of frosty conditions on the road. No damage. ISP responded to the are.

1-18-2013 8:15 AM. Vehicle slid into the ditch on 216th because of frosty conditions on the road. No damage.

1-18-2013 8:18 AM. Vehicle slid into the ditch at 169 and Deer Ave because of frosty conditons. No damage.

1-18-2013 8:38 AM. Received a 911 call from Bethel church that a man fell from a lift who was working on the church. Man had deficulty breathing because of his injuries. Mercy one was called to the scene and patirnt was tranferred by air. Investigation is continuing.

1-18-2013 8:40 AM. Vehicle slid into the ditch at E-41 (Old 30) and L ave because of frosty conditons. ISP handled the report.

1-18-2013 10:07 AM. Deputy Ponitus advised dispatch that he just saw a vehicle go into the ditch at 1217 216th (old 30). Because of frosty conditions on the road, the vehicle lost control and slid into the ditch. There was minimal damage.

1-18-2013 1:23 PM. Received a report of an erractic driver on 169 South bound from Ogden. Deputy was unable to locate.

1-18-2013 1:58 PM. Off duty Boone Police officer reported an elderly male walking away from his vehicle near Hwy 30 and X ave. Deputy Pontius located the individual who advised that he was out for a walk.

1-18-2013 2:42 PM. Received a report of a fire alarm at Garst Seed at 2369 330th St. Employee called back and advised it was a false alarm.

1-18-2013 2:51 PM. ADT alarm company reported a residential fire alarm at 391 335th St. Perry PD tranferred the 911 call and advised that it was not a fire alarm, but a domestic situation. 911 operators could hear a subject in the background yelling to hang up. Deputies arrived to investigate and determined there was no altercation, and everything and everyone was safe.

1-18-2013 5:26 PM. Sgt. Wingate served a warrant for probation revocation.

1-18-2013 10:53 PM. The Union Pacific reported that a vehicle was parked near the gate at 210th a V ave with four subjects outside the vehicle. Deputies arrived and identified the subjects, and did a consent search of the vehicle. The subjects in the vehicle were advised to stay off the property and left.

1-18-2013 11:06 PM. Person called to report her vehicle was broke down on 169 North of Ogden. She advised that she will have it towed in the morning.

1-18-2013 11:23 PM. Deputy Fangman came up on a disabled vehicle near Camp Hantesa. The driver advised he was having some tire issues but advised he could make it to his destination.

1-18-2013 12:45 AM. Subject called to report he was receiving threatening text messages. Deputy Gray responded and located the person sending the threatening text. This person was advised to stop sending the text, and advised both individuals to stop communicating with each other or charges could be filed.

1-19-2013 12:15 AM. Polk COunty called and asked if the Boone COunty Sheriff's Department could check on possible gunshots in the area of 1700 NW Woods lane. Sgt. Wingate responded to the area. Sgt. Wingate adised he located a vehicle in the area of the gun range, but no one was around. Sgt. Wingate advised it appeared that someone had kicked in the door panel. At 2:40 AM the BOone CO. 911 center recived a call from a person reporting a car fire in that same area. No one was in the vehicle and the caller did not stop. NOt sure if the vehicle fire was related to the original call. It was turned over to Polk County for futher investigation.

1-19-2013 12:18 AM. Deputy Quinn came across a disabled vehicle at 30 and I ave. The driver advised he was having problems with his exhaust system. Deputy Quinn located a full can of beer under the seat. Deputy Quinn checked the drivers sobriety, he was okay to drive amd Deputy Quinn conclided his investigation.

1-19-2011 1:51 AM. Deputy Quinn located an open storage unit at Keepers Storage. The unit appeared to have been forced open. Nothing was located, anfd the owners were called.

1-19-2013 10:28 PM. Subject called to report her vehicle had been stolen. This is an ongoing domestic situation. Deputy Hammer responded and meant with the complainant. The complaining party was awarded the vehicle in a court settlement, and the title has not been signed over to her by the other party. The investigation is continuing.

1-19-2013 12:04 PM. Perry Police called and advised they needed a deputy to return a call to them reference some vandelism to a motor vehicle. Deputy Hammer handled the call.

1-19-2013 12:38 PM. Reprot of mailbox vandelism at 1731 260th St. 

1-19-2013 1:48 PM. Report of a car deer accident at hwy 30 and J ave. ISP responded and took the report.

1-19-2013 2 :35 PM. Report of a large farm tractor at the West AMes exit not displaying a slow movving vehicle sign. Deputy Hammer responded to the area and was unable to locate.

1-19-2013 5:56 PM. Received a report from 988 144th Lane of a solicitor. Deputy Twigg returned a phone call to the complainant. The information from the complainant was ared newer DOdge van and left going North from the address. The person driving the vehicle was unkept and left in a hurry after coming to the complainant door.

1-19-2013 7:34 PM. Off duty deputy called in a possible drunk driver heading NorthBOund on 169 in the 1400 block. Ogden Police Department stopped the vehicle just South of Ogden. The driver was checked and determined not be intoxicated, but was lost.

1-19-2013 7:49 PM. Webster County called to advise that they had an individual on a warrant from Boone County. Deputy Twigg responded to the county and transported back to the Boone COunty Jail.

1-19-2013 8:40 PM. A person called in to report some suspicous activity at the Luther school. Several individuals got out a vehicle and ran toward the school. Sgt Wingate and Deputy Mcclain repsonded and were unable to locate anyone.

1-19-2013 10:15 PM. Sgt Wingate made a traffic stop at E-57 and X ave and requested assistance from other deputies to cite several individuals for possession of alcohol under the legal age.

1-20-2013 1:43 AM. Story County trasferred a call to the Boone County Communications center of a vehicle that was stalled in the middle of the road at the 142 mm on 30. Deputy Quinn located the vehicle and assisted the motorist who having problems with her battery.

1-20-2013 2:24 PM. Deputy Hammer responded a car utility pole accident at Kale and Juniper ROad. Vehicle slid through the intersection and hit the guy wires on a utility pole. The driver was cited for failure to maintain control.

1-20-2013 4:18 PM. Deputies were requested by the Boone Police Department to check the boat ramps along the Des Moines River for a stolen car that may be in the river. The deputies were unable to locate.

1-21-2013 4:18 PM Off duty deputy reported a stalled vehicle at 17 and 30 partially on the travelled portion of the road. Deputy Naeve responded and assisted the motorist.

1-21-2013 5:52 PM. Deputy Twigg responded to a medical call in Pilot Mound.

1-21-2013 8:57 PM. Deputy Quinn assisted in the search for a missing individual for the Boone Police Department.

1-21-2013 11:40 PM. Deputies Quinn and Twigg responded to a medical call at 6100 W. Lincolnway.

1-22-2013 4:53 AM. Deputy Quinn rsponded to a commercial fire alarm at the Fareway Warehouse. A person at the Fareway Warehouse called back and advised that they were doing maintenace on the system, and could disregard the fire department.

1-22-2013 12:43 PM. Person reported that a black car was north bound on 169 doing a poor job of driving. A radio broadcast was done on the incident, and Ogden Police department stopped the vehicle just south of highway 30. The driver was distracted, but was not under the influence.

1-22-2013 3:41 PM. Another report of a car doing a poor job of driving southbound on 17 from the Hamilton County line. Deputy Naeve stopped the vehicle, and the driver had beeen distracted, but was not under the influence.

1-22-2013 6:25 PM. Received a call from the Story County Sheriff's office of car deer accident. Deputies Twigg and Bradke responded to the scene and filled the report. Vehicle had extensive damage.

1-22-2013 7:49 PM. Person reported a suspious vehicle on 144 in the Berkley area. Deputies Twigg and Bradke responded, and were unable to locate.

1-22-2013 8:20 PM. Deputies Twigg and Bradke responded to a domestic situation in the 900 blk of 157th street. Parties were separated for the evening, and no charges were filed.

1-22-2013 8:37 PM. Deputy Quinn responded to a domestic situation in the 300 block of 335th street. One party was complaining that the other party was leaving their children home alone for extended periods of time. At the time Deputies were tied up on other calls and responded when they broke free. Deputy Quinn responded shorthly after the initial call and advised the complaining party of their options and what should be done at this time.

1-23-2013 8:59PM. Deputy Fangman arrested Shelby Hibbs on a warrant from Boone County for failure to appear for sentencing.

1-23-2013 5:38 PM. Deputy Fangman responded to a commercial  burglary alarm in the 220 block of 229th PL. A keyholder called back and advised the deputy could disregard the alarm.

1-23-2013 3:44 PM. Person called to report a machine shed on fire in the 300 blk of Q ave. Deputy Pontius and the Boone Fre Department along with search and rescue responded. Stratford fire was also called for mutual aid, as was Stanhope fire. The fire was put out, but rekindeled because of the strong winds in the area. Boone FIre again responded and put out the fire.

1-23-2013 2:00 PM. Sheriff Elsberry arrested Michael Hunter who came to the sheriff's office and turned himdelf in. 

1-23-2013 7:16 AM. Person reported a milk truck that was doing a poor job of driving in the area of highway 17 and the Monsanto plant. Deputy Pountius was unable to locate the truck.

1-24-2013 10:25 AM. Deputy Pontius arrested Steven Snyder at the Sheriff's office on a warrant for probation revocation.

1-24-2013 1:13 PM. Deputy Ponitus responded to the 2300 block of K Ave for a domestic situation. The brother in law of the caller had used a chain to vandelize a truck owned by the caller. The caller advised that her husbamnd was inside the vehicle when the damage took place. Deputy Ponitus is continuing the investigation.

1-24-2013 8:08 PM. Deputy Fangman responded to a security alarm at United Community School 1284 U. Ave. The keyholder was contacted and advised they were in the school and our officer could disregard. Deputy Fangman meant with the keyholder and everything checked out.

1-24-2013 8:43 PM. Deputy Grey checke dout a stalled motorist that was called in by a passing motorist at G Ave and 30. Deputy Gray checked out the motorist who was out of fuel, and advised that  someone was bringing fuel out to them.

1-24-2013 11:43 PM. Deputy Fangman rsponded to a call from the Union Pacific that their agent had located four to five dead deer carcasses, a plastic bag with dead geese in it, and a dead Redtail Hawk under the high bridge. Deputy Fangman and the DNR are investigating.

1-25-2013 3:09 AM. Boone County received a call from Story that Kelley fire was responding to a structure fire in the 2300 block of 270th st. A caller advised that there were horses in the barn that was on fire, and horses outside in the pasture. The owner was notified and meant with deputies. 8 horses were lost in the fire. The Boone County Sheriff's office is investigating.

1-25-2013 6:11 PM. Deputy Fangman was called to the Napier exit on US 30 to investigate a vehicle accident. Ames PD also received numerous calls on the same accident. A caller advised that a car lost control and crossed the median into oncoming traffic. The driver advised that he was merging into traffic and did not se a car beside him. The driver over corrected and lost control. There was no damage to the vehicle and no other vehicles were involved.

1-25-2013 4:00 PM. A person called the Boone County Sheriff's department requesting to talk to a deputy reference a custody issue. Upon talking to the subject the deputy discovered this happened in Webster County, and she was advised to call the clerk's office in Webster COunty.

1-25-2013 12:14 PM. The national guard called to report that they had discovered a vehicle in the Des Moine river while on a routine training flight. The vehicle had been reported stolen last week.

1-25-2013 10:44 AM. Deputy Pontius and the Kelley Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Kinzler Construction. They were later disregarded for a false alrm.

1-25-2013 6:57 AM. Deputy Pontius investigated a car deer accident at 238th a L Ave.

1-26-2013 10:59 PM. Sgt. Wingate and K-9 Bandit assited Boone P.D. with a search of a vehicle.

1-26-2013 10:36 PM. A person called to report that on Monday 1-21-2013 three males in a gray Honda sedan shined a flashlight at him  as he passed the vehicle.

1-26-2013 9:32 PM. A person called fromm the 1500 block of J ave. to report that a vehicle had struck a utilty pole and that they lost power to their home. Sgt. Wingate and Deputies Mclain and Fangman responded to the area. According to the driver he swerved to miss a deer and lost control and went into the ditch and struck a power pole. There were no injuries.

1-26-2013 7:39 PM. Deputy Fangman checked on several reports in the Luther area of several loud explosions. After investigating the calls, Deputy Fangman could not locate or hear the explosions again.

102602913 5:00 PM. Deputy Fangman checked on a stalled motorist in the 1100 blk of E-41. Driver had a flat tire. Deputy Fangman assisted the driver and sent her on her way.

1-26-2013 2:13 PM. Parents called the Boone County Sheriff's Department to advise that they have not heard from their daughter since 7 AM on January 25th. Deputy Pontius began an investigation and that investigation is continuing.

1-26-2013 1:29 AM. Deputy Twigg made a traffic stop in the 2100 blk of 195th, and the driver  ran from the car toward a house at that location. Deputy Twigg located the subject a few minutes later. The driver was wanted out of Story County, and he was charged with driving while revocated, OWI, and possession of drugs.

1-26-2013 7:09 AM. Deputy Pontius responded to a car deer accident in the 700 blk of nature road.

1-27-2013 10:23 AM. The communications center took a call of a person needing an ambulance in thr 900blk of J ave. The Ogden First Responders went on the call, and while enroute slide the ambulance down a ravine and rolled the ambulance on it's side. The road conditions played a factor in the accident. Two first reponders from Ogden were treated for injuries. Deputy Pontius and Sheehy are doing the investigation.

1-27-2013 4:41 PM. On Star called the Boone County Communications center and advised that a red vehicle went into the ditch in the 1200 of E-26. Deputies responded to the scene and determined that no one was injured. Road conditions played a part in the cause of the accident.

1-27-2013 10:42 PM. Deputy Quinn responded to the 5900 blk of Lincolnway for a medical issue. Story County had called and advised they were called by the wife of the person living at that address. The wife reported that her husband did not sound right and thought he may be having an asthma attack. Deputy Quinn checked on him and he was alright, but had been drinking. 

1-27-2013 11:49 PM. Deputies Quinn and Fangman responded to a window peaker(s) at 965 222nd. Deputies were unable to locate the individuals.

1-28-2013 6:11 AM. Deputy Quinn responded to the 1200 blk of Noble Hills Place to a residential alarm. Deputy Quinn meant with the caller and checked the area the alarm was coming from, turned out to be a septic alarm at the neighbors.

1-28-2013 9:53 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst arrested a person on a warrant out of Boone County.

1-28-2013 7:56 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst responded to a civil situation at the Woodward Resource center.

1-28-2013 7:30 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst responded toa lifeline call in Boxholm.

1-28-2013 6:44 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst along with Boone PD responded to a accident with injuries at Montana and US 30. Minor injuries were reported. The accident happened when one vehicle pulled in front of the other. Due to the fog in the area, one vehicle could not see the other.

1-28-2013 3:57 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst called a person back that had some questions on a possible weopons law violation.

1-28-2013 1:53 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst began a burglary investigation that happened in the 1500 block of F ave.

1-28-2013 1:34 PM. The Boone COunty Sheriff's department assited the the Boone Police Department with a threat at the Boone High Schoool.

1-28 2013 10:12 AM. Deputy Twigg began an investigation that happened in the 1500 block of U avenue. Someone was shining a light into a window that was occupied by the complainant which scared the occupant. Deputy Twigg counciled the caller and advised her what to do in the event this occurs again.

1-28-2013 9:00 AM. Sgt Wingate assisted the Boone Police Department with a report of a woman screaming for help at a residence in the 500 block of Washington street.

1-29-2013 6:27 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst did a welfare check in the 300 blk of East second in Boxholm. The person was sick, but ok.

1-29-2013 7:30 PM. Deputy Zuentenhorst arrested two subjects out of Boone County on warrants.

1-30-2012 1:52 AM. A person called from Ogden reporting that Clarks Food Mart had been broken into. The person calling also thought he saw movement inside the store. Officer from the Boone County Sheriff's office and the Ogden Police Department responded. The investigation is continuing.

1-30-2013 12:02 AM. Story put out a broadcast of a possible impaired driver Westbound on US 30. Officer were unable to locate the vehicle.

1-30-2013 10:51 PM. The Boone COunty Communication center took a call from a subject that advised a white Ford truck was possibly poaching deer in the 900 blk of 200th street. The person calling was following the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle was able to elude the the complaining party. Deputied searched the area and did not find the truck.

1-29-2013 2:56 PM. The assesors of of Boone County called and advised of a possible breakin at a residence in the 1200 blk of 300th street. Deputy Godziki responded and began an investigation.

1-29-2013 8:28 AM. Boone County sanitation called and advised of some illegal dumping of deer carcasses under the wagon wheel bridge. A suspect was obtained from information gathered at the scene, and the case was turned over to the DNR.

1-29-2013 8:32 AM. Another case of illegal dumping was reported on Key Lane. Information that was gathered at the scene lead to a suspect in the case.

1-29-2013 11:37 AM. Deputy Twigg began an investigation of a 13 YOA female that went home from school sick, when the father called a someone other than his daughter answered the phone. Father called back later and advised that someone had brought her back to school and that she was fine. The investigation is continuing.

1-30-2013 4:35 PM. Deputy Twigg checked on a vehicle in the ditch in the 1800 blk of US 30. After checking his driving status, the driver was revoked for an OWI test failure. The driver was arrested and brought to the Boone COunty LEC.

1-30-2013 11:27 AM. The Boone County Sheriff's office recevied a call from the area of the 1500 blk of C ave, of a dog that had no protection from the weather, or food or water. The residence was checked and nobody was home. Deputy Twigg transported the dog to the humane society. The investigation is continuing.

1-30-2013. Deputies from the Boone County Sheriff's office checked on numerous vehicle in the ditch during the storm, and gave stranded motorist rides to shelter.

1-31-2013 11:48 PM. A person called the Boone County Communications center to advise that a vehicle was going Westbound in the Eastbound lanes about a half mile east of Boone. Boone PD. units were notified as were the deputies on duty. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

1-31-2013 6:17 PM. Deputies assisted Kelley first responders with a medical call. in the 1500 blk of X ave.

1-31-2013 4:51 PM. Deputy Twigg and Zuetenhorst responded to a 911 hangup in the 900 blk of J ave. Deputies found no one home, but the door unlocked. Deputies checked the inside of the home and found nothing. The owner of the house showed up while deputies were still there, and they did a walk through with the owner, everything checked out. There may be a phone issue at the residence.

1-31-2013 2:28 PM. Midland power called the Boone County Communication Center to advise that there line crew came across a vehicle in the ditch at X ave and 180th with a male subject in the vehicle who was very cold and confused. Subject was taken to a nearby church to warm up. Deputies later determined that the subject was intoxicated. Case is still under investigation.

1-31-2013 Deputy Twigg picked up a wanted person from Story Coun ty and transported to the Boone County Jail.

1-31-2013 8:39 AM. A person called the Boone County Communication Center to advise that his daugther has slid her car into the ditch but was unsure of her location. Deputy Twigg found the vehicle at V ave and 190th. There was no damage and no one was around.

2-1-2013 6:38 AM. Deputies assisted on a medical call in the 1500 blk of J ave.

2-2-2013 8:30 PM. Ames PD advised Boone County Communication of a possible drunk driver  that left Ames Westbound on 30. Ames gave a plate number that came back to a Boone address. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate.

2-3-2013 10:53 PM. A person called 911 from the 700 blk of Marigold LN reporting an emergency at that address. Dispatch could hear arguing in the background and someone saying the name Justin in the background, but no one was talking on the phone. Deputies Gray and Sgt Wingate responded to the address. The communication specialist located a name of Justin associated with that address. Deputy Fangman alerted officers that we had been there in the past to deal with a person who also had weapons in the house. Communications called back and spoke with the mother of Justin who reported that everything was ok and that there was a disagreement over a football game. Deputies continued and talked with all involved and concluded the case.

2-3-2013 9:57 PM. Boone COunty communications received a call from a person who advised a vehicle drove into the ditch in the 900 blk of J ave and that the driver was intoxicated. A neighbor picked up the driver of the vehicle and took them to another address. Deputies Gray and Fangman attempted to locate the driver but no one would answer the door at that residence. The vehicle was towed and held for further investigation. 

2-3-2013 2:27 PM. Deputy Twigg made a traffic stop at Mamie and Quartz ref. a road rage incident that was reported. After a breif investigation the driver of the vehicle was arrested on an outstanding warrant for probation violation and OWI 2nd.

2-3-2013 6:49 AM. The Boone County Communication Center received a call of a structure fire in the 1600 blk of J ave. Dpeuties Twigg and Sgt. Wingate responded, along with the Ogden Fire Department and Ogden First Responders. One structure was a total loss, and a second building caught fire but was extinguished. there was report of an injury at the fire and one person transported to the hospital. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

2-4-2013. Retired Deputies Lukawski and Mitchell transported a prisoner from Fort Madison to Boone for a hearing.

2-4-2013 12:09 PM. Boone County communications received a call of a erractic driver travelling Westbound on 30 from South Story. The witness advised that the driver of the vehicle was driving in and out of the ditch and hit a traffic sign. The vehicle was stopped by the Chief Mick Bailey of the Ogden Police Department. It was determined after a brief investigation that the driver had a diabetic reaction, and an ambulance was summoned to the scene.

2-4-2013 12:55 PM. Deputy Naeve responded to Pilot Mound and assisted the Stratford Ambulance on a medical issue.


2-4-2013 2:57 PM. Deputy Naeve rsponded to a telephone harassment complaint in the 1600 of 160th.

2-4-2013 3:334 PM. Deputy Naeve responded to a complaint of a suspicous vehicle in the 1200 blk of highway 30. It was determined after an investigation that the vehicle had been there since Saturday night, and everything checked out and the investigation was complete.

2-4-2013 5:25 PM. Deputy Fangman rsponded to an accident with injuries at 195th and X ave. The investigation is continuing into this accident.

2-4-2013 6:49 PM. Deputy Fangman responded to a car deer accident in the 1200 blk of 270th.  

2-5-2013 6:06 PM. A person called from the 1900 blk of J Ave reporting that his motorcycle had been taken sometime this day or the night before. The reporting party had no vehicle information about the motorcycle, but the investigation is continuing. 

2-5-2013 3:11 PM. Received a call from the 300 bkl of 335 st. that there was a domestic situation with an assault. The assailant left the scene. Deputy Ruter responded and began an investigation into the incident.

2-5-2013 11:59 AM. The Boone County Communications center received a call of a possible death in the 400 blk of 190th. Chief Mick Bailey of the Ogden Police Department responded to the initial call as deputies from the Boone County Sheriff's Department were tied up on a previous accident with injuries. As soon as a deputy cleared he went to assist Chief Bailey. The investigation is continuing.

2-5-2013 11:46 AM. Deputy Ruter responded to a call of a vehicle in the ditch with possible injuries in the 1700 blk of 200th st. Minor injuries were reported.

2-5-2013 9:58 PM. A person reported to the sheriff's office to see the probation officer. The person was intoxicated and was arrested by Deputy Ruter and  was incarcerated for the day.

2-5-2013 8:02 AM. Deputy Ruter began an investigation into a school bus warning violation that occured in the 2000 blk of 270th st.