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News Review
May 2013
May 2013
Posted Date: 5/31/2013

5-1-2013 12:11 PM. A person reported to the jail to serve some time. After further investigation the person was intoxicated. Duane Shreeve was arrested at the jail for public intox and given a room for the night.

5-1-2013 12:38 PM. The principal at SouthEast Webster called and want the BCSO to do a welfare check on some grade school children in Pilot Mound. Deputy Ruter began an investigation into the incident with a DHS worker.

5-1-2013 8:14 PM. Deputy Zeutenhorst began an investigation into an identity theft case.

5-2-2013 3:10 AM. Deputies Twigg and Zuenthorst located an individual who the family reported as threatening suicide. The person was taken to the BCH for treatment.

5-2-2013 6:00 AM. Deputies from the BCSO responded to numerous cars in the ditches due to the snow storm.

5-2-2013 10:07 PM. Deputy Quinn made a traffic stop in the 2100 blk of US 30. After a brief investigation it was determined that the driver Alan Royster was intoxicated and was arrested for that offense. A passenger Joseph Manning was cited for an open container of alcohol.

5-2-2013 2:16 AM. Deputy Quinn responded to an alarm at 2220 229th PL. The area was checked and found to be secure. A keyholder was also contacted.

5-3-2013 2:33 PM. Deputies Quinn and Fangman responded to an alarm in the 2300 blk of 230th st. Deputies located an open door at the business and secured it, and tried to make contact with a keyholder but were unsuccessful.

5-2-2013 9:40 AM. A person called to report that someone had used his SS# to gain access to his tax return. Deputy Pontius followed up with the individual, and continued the investigation wit the IRS.

5-2-2013 6:15 AM. Deputy Twigg responded to a 911 hangup in the 900 blk of 222nd dr. Deputy Twigg made contact with the individual and eveything was ok.

5-2-2013 6:AM to 10:00 Deputies from the Boone County Sheriff's department responded to over 50 calls for service for vehicles in the ditch in all parts of Boone County .

5-3-2013 10:44 AM. Boone Family Practice called and advised they had a person leave their facility whomm they thought was under the influence of a drug. All Boone PD units were advised. Deputy Pontiyus also was in the area and located the vehicle and driver. The vehicle wa stopped and the driver was checked for impairment. The case was turned over to BPD.

5-4-2013 2:21 AM. Deputy Quinn attempted to stop a vehicle at 260th and G ave for a traffic violation and the vehicle ran from him. A high speed chase ensued with speeds reaching 90 plus in and around Boone and Dallas County. With the assistance of the Dallas County Sheriff' Office the vehicle was forced off the road with the pursuit intervention technique and stopped. The driver John D Foutch of Rippey was arrested for numerous traffic offenses and taken to the BCJ. The investigation is continuing.

5-4-2013 8:26 AM. A person called to report that they had a trespasser on their property who was not supposed to be there. Deputy Pontius responded along with an ISP trooper and located the individual driving away. Kenneth Kokemiller was arrested and transported to the BCJ.

5-4-2013 10:22 PM. Deputy Fangman was asked by a concerned citizen to check on the welfare of some horses at 270th X av. After talking with the owner and observing the horses, it was determined that the owner was doing nothinh illegal and the horses were fine.

5-5-2013 12:59 AM. Deputy Fangman came accross a vehicle stopped inthe 1300 blk of hwy17 and a person in the ditch. Upon further investigation the person in the ditch was the driver a was intoxicated. Deputy Fangman performed some feild sobriety testing on the driver and determined that the driver Christopher A Hidlebaugh was intoxicated and was arrested for that offense and trasported to BCJ.

5-7-2013 2:41 AM. Ames PD requested that Sgt. Wingate and his K-9 partner Bandit search for an individual who walked away from the Curt Forbes Center in Ames.

5-7-2013 9:21 PM. Deputies Zuetenhorst and Fangman responded to a call of a possible domestic in the 900 blk of 222 nd Dr. A memeber of the family was concerned that her son had taken off and had not been seen for a half an hour. Another member of the family had threatened the individual with bodily injury if he did not listen to him. After a breif investigation there was no injury to anyone at the residence, and no arrest were made.

5-6-2013 7:28 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst was adived of a car accident in the 1500 blk of 170th st. The driver of the car Marshall Moore was attempting to make his car fishtail on the gravel road and lost control and went into the ditch. Moore was cited for failure to maintain control. There were no injuries. 

5-7-2013 9:45 AM. A person called from Howe elementary school in Ogden and advised of an eight year old child out of control. The child was making threats to staff and students. The child was transported to BCH and the mother was norified.

5-7-2013 1:10 PM. A person called from Linn County and advised that his son may be enroute to Boone County to she a person that he meant in Des Moines. His son is driving a stolen truck. Deputy Ruter began an investigation into the matter, and checked the residence he may be at. The investigation is continuing.

5-7-2013 2:00 PM. A person called to report a possible anhydrous leak just West of Ogden. The fire chief from Ogden was contacted and checked on the area. After a brief investigation into the incident, it was found that a seal was leaking on a large tank of anhydrous, and the people attending the leak were transferring the chemical to another tank so they could replace the faulty seal.

5-8-2013 6:47 PM. A person called to report that his brother Joshua Daniels was at a residence in the 500 blk of Main in Boone wreaking the inside of the house. Joshua Daniels is known by  law enforcement to have walked away from a half way house in AMes, and had warrants for his arrest from Story County. Officers went to the residence where Daniels made threats to officers and he then barracaded himself in the residence. After several hours, officers entered the home, and with assistance from K-9 Bandit from the BCSO located the individual in a closet in the house and took him into custody. There were no injuries.

5-9-2013 3:40 PM. Hamilton County Sheriff's Office called to report that they had a call of a missing 10 year old boy who may be riding his bike to Boone County. Deputy Ruter checked the area in Northern Boone County where possible he would be riding, and was unable to locate the young man.

5-10-2013 2:44 AM. Deputies Gray and Zuetenhorst assisted Madrid Police with an assault in their city.  

5-10-2013 12:11 PM. The Boone County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a car vs motorcycle accident at the Eastbound off ramp of US 30 and highway 17. A car was at the stop sign for highway 17 and pulled into the path of a Southbound motorcycle. The motorcycle struck the car. The driver of the motorcycle was ejected from the motorcycle and landed on the pavement, he was seriously injured and transported to BCH.

5-10-2013 1:00 PM. Several deputies from the Boone County sheriff's Office along with the BCSO reserve unit and the Boone Police Department worked in and around the LAZR FEST concert at the Central Iowa Expo. Several arrest were made for intoxication, assaults, thefts, possession of drugs and two class D felony arrest for assault on a police officer. Brock Cassady was arrested for the assault on a police officer.

5-11-2013 11:17 AM. Alliant Energy called and reported the a tractor with a large load in the front of the tractor snagged a power line at 160th and E av. The driver of the tractor thought he may have received a shock, and jumped out of the tractor. The power line fell across the road. The driver of the tractor Mark Muench declined medical tratment.

5-12-2013 10:18 AM. Deputy Pontius was dispatched to a residence in Boone to pickup a person who was wanted out of Hamilton County for serious assault. Deputy Pontius did locate the individual for Hamilton County. Jacob McIntire was transported to Hamilton County on the warrant.

5-12-2013 2:31 PM. A person called to report that two kayakers were trapped against a log jam at the high bridge. The BCSO along with it's search and rescue unit and the Boone Fire Department located the two people and rescued them off the river. No injuries were reported.

5-12-2013 6:09 P M. A person called to report that they were out for a walk in the 1100 blk of 233 rd and heard some gunshots from a group of people around a bonfire. The caller reported that they heard the shots and a whizzing sound and a snapping sound. The caller yelled at the person doing the shooting and they went inside the residence. Deputy Fangman was tied up on another call, and called the complaining party back, got some pertinent information and went a talked to the people that were shooting. They were in compliance with the law, and indicated they would be more careful in the future.

5-13-2013 1:31 PM. Deputy Pontius began an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse. A person called to report some inappropriate touching. The investigation is continuing.

5-13-2013 6:05 PM. Deputy Fangman began an investigation into illegal dumping in the 1000 blk of 200th street.

5-14-2013 9:44 AM. Deputy Pontius took a report of theft of several steel fence post from the 300 blk of T ave.

5-14-2013 1:59 PM. Deputy godzicki began an investigation into an assault that took place in the BCJ. Joshua Bonnell told the jail staff that he was assaulted by Josh Daniels. The investigation is continuing.

5-14-2013 3:17 PM. A person reported that his car was broken into at Ledges State Park. The person reporting the theft advised Deputy Ponitus that a presciption drug and $35.00 were taken from his vehicle. The investigation is continuing.

5-14-2013 6:37 PM. A person called from the 100 blk of Juniper Rd to report suspicous activity. The vehicle and suspects left before deputies could get there.

5-14-2013 7:59 PM. A person called to report that their landlord went into their house  while they were gone and took some property because of a misunderstanding on some back rent and or money that he believed was owed him. The missing property was a handgun and some computer games. Deputy Fangman is handeling the investigation.

5-14-2013 9:39 PM. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office advised the BCSO they were finished with a prisoner on their charges and the BCSO could pick him up on their warrant. Dennis Craig was picked up by the BCSO and transported to the BCJ.

5-15-2013 11:25 AM. UPRR reported trespassing on the train at the Key Lane access. The two individuals and thier dog were located and arrested for trespassing and taken to the BCJ. The two individuals were Willi Ziokowski of California and Jonathan Preston of Oregon.

5-15-2013 2:11 PM. The BCJ took Aaron Maben into custody on a warrant from Boone County.

 5-16-2013 1:35 PM. A person called to report a reckless driver at 22nd and Division. The caller gave the plate information, and Deputy Ruter later located the driver and the vehicle and talked with him about his driving.

5-16-2013 7:53 PM. Boone County Communications received a call from a person who had rolled their vehicle and a person was pinned under the car. Deputy Zuetenhorst and Officer Spencer from the Ogden Police Department and the Ogden First Responders and fire department arrived at the scene. A helicopter was summoned to the scene to transport a patient to the hospital. An investigation into the accident revealed that the driver Leah Habrich of Ogden was coming into a curve on J ave. just North of 200th too fast, lost control of the vehicle and rolled into the ditch. A passenger Kyle Habrich was thrown from the vehicle and pinned under the car. Two children in the vehicle were not injured. The driver of the vehicle Leah Habrich was treated for a possible broken arm. The driver was cited for failure to maintain control. 

5-16-2013 8:46 PM. A person called to report that a tractor had flipped over onto it's side in the 2300 blk of 210th st. Deputy Gray and the BFD responded to the scene. After a brief investigation the tractor did not tip over and the tank it was pulling was empty. The driver John Kaltenheuser had very minor injuries. 

5-17-2013 4:51 PM. A person called to report that their 16 year old daughter was out of control and breaking things in the home in the 200 blk of 200th st. Deputy Ruter responded to the call, and upon his arrival the situation had calmed. Deputy Ruter advised them to call if they needed further assistance.

5-17-2013 6:54 PM. Stephanie Faust was arrested on a warrant for interference and taken to the Boone COunty Jail.

5-17-2013 9:10 PM. The Howard County sheriff's office called and advised that they had Justin Schrader in custody on a Boone County warrant. Reserve Deputy McCormick picked up the subject at the Howard County Jail anf transported back tot he BCJ.

5-17-2013 11:41PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst made a traffic stop in Madrid at the Casey's station. Upon further investigation drugs were located in the vehicle. Riley Hyde was arrested for possesion and transported the BCJ.

5-18-2013 1:41 PM. The BCSO received numerous 911 phone calls of a motorcyle accident. Reports indicated that a person had fainted an fell off the motorcycle and was injured. The Madrid Fire Department and the BCSO along with the Boone County Ambulance responded to the scene. The victim was taken to the Boone County Hospital.

5-18-2013 10:08 PM. A person called to report that someone may be outside their resdence located in the 200 blk of 305th st. Sgt Wingate and Deputy Zuetenhorst responded the residence, checked the area and found nothing.

5-19-2013 5:33 PM. An off duty deputy called in a report of underage possession of alcohol at Ledges State Park. Deputies responded along with a Ledges Park officer and issued citations to the following individuals for underage posssession of alcohol; Kurtis Vogler of Ogden, Chelsea Moore of Boone, Kayla Merriam of Boone, and Kyle Kirkman of Boone.

5-20-2013 4:50 PM. The BCSO assisted the Webster County Sheriff's office with a search of a missing juvenile from Dayton. Two juveniles were abducted from the Dayton Middle School and taken to a location in Southern Webster County. One of the juveniles escaped her captor and ran onto a farmstead in Northern Boone County. The BCSO was called and began their end of the investigation. The investigation is continuing.

5-21-2013 3:20 PM. Brandon Moran turned himself in to the BCSO on a warrant from Boone County.

5-21-2013 2:30 PM. The BCSO continues to assist the Webster COunty Sheriff's Office with a missing person case out of Dayton. Officers and volunteers searched an area North of Fraser as part of the investigation. The investigation is continuing.

5-22-2013 7:32 PM. A person called to report a reckless driver W/B on US 30 all over the road. They report that the vehicle would speed up and slow down, and drive in the middle of the road. Deputy Fangman located the vehicle ans stopped it at M ave. and US 30. After a brief investigation, the driver Jesse James LLoyd Alderman was taken to the BCJ for further testing.

5-22-2013 9:25 PM. A person called 911 to report suspicous activity at the cemetary in Ridgeport. The caller was able to get one plate of the two vehicles there. Deputy Quinn responded to the location but was unable to locate anyone or any vehicles. The investigation will continue.

5-22-2013 11:00 AM. The BCSO is continuing to assist the Webster County Sheriff's Office, and the DCI in the search for a missing juvenile.

5-23-2013 9:37 AM. A person called to report that while she was sleeping a known person entered her house and stole a picture off the wall. Deputy Fangman and Pontius are investigating.

5-23-2013 12:28 PM. A person called to report that her ex husband has been harrassing her. She advised that he has been driving by her house  in the 2000 blk of 140th, and also has been flying an airplane low over other locations that she has been at. Information was given to the deputies of Boone County for extra patrol in the area.

5-23-2013 10:36 PM. A person called from the area of the Fraser Dam and reported that he had heard some supicious noises from some people in the area, and then heard a big splash in the water. Deputy Quinnn was notified and checked the area on foot, but did not locate anything.

5-23-2013 11:25 PM. A person called to report a person walking in dark clothing along E-26 in the area of the Water Works Bridge. Deputy Quinn responded to the area and located an individual who was walking back to Fraser. Deputy Quinn checked the person out, and then gave her a ride to her address.

5-27-2013 7:30 PM. Deputy Zuetenhorst assisted Ogden Police Department with a physical altercation in Ogden. After a breif investigation two people were cited for disorderly conduct.

5-28-2013 12:49 AM. ADT reported a burglar alarm at the Lucky Pig in Ogden. Deputies from the BCSO backed up the Ogden Police Department. It was discovered there was a broken window at the establishment.

5-27-2013 10:00 AM. The BCSO took numerous reports of wind damage with the storm that moved through on Sunday morning. There were no reports of injury.

5-26-2013 10:51 AM. Deputies responded to the 300 blk of 335th st. to a domestic fight/argument. An investigation revealed that one of the parties involved became a physical aggressor, and was being sought for questioning about the incident. The investigation remains under investigation.

5-25-2013 1:09 PM. A person called to report they were to meet a person about a boat that was advertised on Craig's list, and the the meeting was to take place in Des Moines. When they tried to find the address they found that it does not exist. The complaining party thought they had been set up so their house could be broken into. Deputy Ruter checked out the residence and everything was secure.

5-25-2013 12:35 PM. A person called from Luther and advised his riding lawn mower had been stolen from hois garage. Deputy Ruter is handleing the investigation.

5-25-2013 8:58 AM. A person called to report that their garage had possible been struck by lightening as smoke was now coming from the garage. Deputy Ryuter along with the BFD responded to the address.

5-25-2013 2:49 AM. Deputy Quinn made a traffic stop in the 1100 blk of T ave. After a breif investigation, it was determined that the driver Antonio M Ibarra of Marshalltown was intoxicated. There were also two small children in the vehicle. Ibarra was charged with OWI and child endangement and taken to the BCJ.

5-24-2013 10:48 PM. A person called from the 1300 blk of Moonflower Rd to report they could hear a woman screaming for assistance. Deputies checked the area but could not hear or find the person.

5-24-2013 5:56 PM. A person called from the 2300 blk of 260th to report their house was broken into. Deputy Fangman responded and began an investigation.

5-24 2013 3:58 PM. Deputy Ruter assisted the DHS with the removal of two children from a residence in  Luther.

5-28-2013 10:08 AM. Deputy Ruter arrested Kurtis D Vogler on a warrant from Boone County.

5-28-2013 8:51 PM. A person called to report that her fiance was threatening to harm himself after they got into a verbal argument at their residence.  Deputies Twigg and Zuetenhorst responded and located the individual and asked him to go to his mothers house for the evening. His mother called and advised that he arrived safely at her residence.

5-29-2013 9:03 AM. Deputy Godzicki arrested Duane Shreve on a probation revocation warrant.

5-29-2013 12:26 PM. A person called from Pilot Mound to report a dryer fire at a residence in the 200 blk of 2nd street. Pilot Mound Fire and the BCSO responded.

5-29-2013 4:54 PM. The Hamilton County sheriff's office received a call from a person in the 800 blk of 105th st. and reported that his barn had been struck by lightning and was now on fire. Pilot Mound FD, Boxholm FD and the Ogden FD were dispatched to the fire, and the Paton FD and Dayton FD were also called for support.

5-30-2013 Deputy Pontius arrested Donovan Erickson on two warrants for probation revocation at the Curt Forbes halfway house and transported to the BCJ

5-30-2013 3:49 PM. A person came into the BCSO to report a theft from a residence in the 500 blk of 270th st. The theft occured approx. 4-6 weeks ago. Assorted tooks were taken. Deputy Pontius is handeling the investigation.