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(Update as of 6/19/2020) Construction Paving Project on L Ave. (R18) to begin on May 13th.

Post Date:05/11/2020 9:00 AM

(Update 6-19-2020)  Godbersen-Smith Construction has begun preparing the plant site to set up the mobile mix plant. They have also stated that they anticipate bringing in the necessary subbase prep equipment on Monday – Tuesday next week with final subbase operations taking place on Wednesday. The mobile mix plant will be brought to the site late next week and set up. Godbersen-Smith Construction has used 28.5 days of the allocated 40 working days to date. 


(Update 6-03-20)  Godbersen-Smith Construction has informed the Boone County Engineer’s office that they are behind schedule. Their revised schedule has paving operations commencing the week of June 15. Final trimming and rolling of the subbase will take place June 15 while the plant is being set up. Paving will then begin once the plant is set up and correctly producing a consistent Portland Cement Concrete mix. We understand the frustration that this delay is causing to all parties involved. They have 40 working days on the project and have used 15.5 days to date. A working day is charged if the weather is favorable for work, whether they are here or not.


(Update 5-20-2020) The contractor has removed the pavement at the intersection of L Ave and Moingona Rd. The intersection will be opened to traffic on Thursday, May 21st for motorists to travel southbound on L Ave. L Ave between Moingona Rd and Hwy. 30 will remain closed until it is complete. The intersection is currently a granular subbase material that motorists will be traveling on. Extreme caution must be exercised when driving on the granular subbase as it is newly placed and has the potential for soft spots. Motorcyclists are urged to find an alternative route to avoid the intersection. The transition from the Moingona Rd pavement to the granular subbase will require motorists to use a low rate of speed when negotiating. Paving operations are still on schedule to commence June 1st. 


(Update 5-15-2020) On Monday, May 18th, if the weather is cooperative this weekend, the contractors will be removing the concrete at the intersection of 230th St. and L Ave (R18).  This means traffic from Moingona will need to use 240th St. to get to R18 south and traffic travelling on 230th St. will need to go west. The intersection will be opened back up for southbound traffic once the old road is crushed, relaid and compacted.  If  all goes according to plan the paving process will begin June 1st at the north end.   Please remember to use caution at this time. There are many unfamiliar travelers on these gravel roads.   Thank you for your continued patience.


Boone County recently awarded a contract to Godbersen-Smith Construction for the PCC Paving of L Avenue (R18) from US Highway 30 south 0.8 miles. This construction will encompass the intersection of L Ave and Moingona Rd/230th St. Due to the closure of the intersection a detour route will be established.

The project is divided into two phases. One phase will be a short section of pavement that includes the intersection of Moingona Rd and L Ave and a short stretch of road to the south. This smaller phase will allow the contractor to rapidly complete this section and reopen the intersection to traffic. During the closure of the intersection, traffic from Moingona Rd will need to follow the detour which takes 240th St between Moingona Rd and L Ave (see attached map). Once the small section of intersection work is complete, traffic from Moingona Rd and 230th St can take L Ave south while work on the next phase between the intersection and Highway 30 takes place. Between removal of pavement and paving operations, traffic from Moingona Rd and 230th St will be allowed to drive through the intersection on the crushed stone base to travel south on L Ave. Traffic is urged to exercise caution when traversing the intersection. 

The phase of construction for work between the Moingona Rd intersection and Highway 30 will be a longer stretch (see attached map) which in turn will require more working days to complete. Traffic to and from 222nd Dr during both phases of construction will need to access their destination using 222nd Dr from Highway 30. 

A signed detour route will be established during the course of the construction which will utilize Highway 169 and 270th St. We have enclosed a map which outlines in red the detour that will be set up. Work was initially set to begin in mid-July. However, due to COVID-19, projects in different regions of the State have gotten canceled or delayed which has moved the Boone County project forward. The contractor now intends on commencing work on May 13th. We sincerely apologize for the late notice and inconvenience that this will cause. Every effort will be made to complete this work as soon as possible. The traveling public is urged to use caution during the construction of this project. 

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