Boone County REAP Committee

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REAP stands for Resource Enhancement and Protection. It is a program in the State of Iowa that invests in the enhancement and protection of Iowa’s natural and cultural resources. REAP is funded from the state's Environment First Fund (Iowa gaming receipts) and the sale of the natural resource license plate. Portions of the funding are awarded as grants to cities, counties, and public/private projects. For more information on the REAP program go to

Boone County, along with the other counties in Iowa, has a County Resource Enhancement Committee, made up of persons interested in the REAP Program. The duties of the county committees are to: sign off on REAP grant applications for all city, county conservation and public/private cost share grant requests; prepare a plan for their county showing what they want REAP to accomplish in the future and where they want to see REAP money expended; and to educate county residents on what REAP has done for their county. Persons interested in serving on the Boone County REAP Committee should contact the chairs of the committee.

For information on projects in Boone County that have received REAP funding, go to for an overview, or for detailed information.