Residential Electronics Recycling

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Carefully and safely dispose of home and business electronics with Boone County Recycling Services. One of the fastest-growing sources of waste, electronics waste or ‘e-waste,’ must be carefully managed to avoid potentially dangerous components from hurting the environment. Electronic waste includes computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, TVs,copiers. These items contain lead and other substances which are harmful to the environment if disposed of improperly.

Please stop by our office at the landfill to pay, you will then proceed to Boone County Recycling transfer building to drop them off.

Boone County Electronics Recycling price list:

TVs & Monitors (<27")


TVs & Monitors (27"-38")


TVs & Monitors (>38")


Console TVs




Hard Drives




Computer accessories

NC if included with

(keyboard, mouse)

other pieces