Watershed Protection

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Watershed and Water Quality Issues



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Keep Boone County Beautiful and the Boone County Landfill, in partnership with a number of other agencies to raise public awareness about watershed quality and protection. The Boone County Watershed Planning Committee consists of the following member agencies:

Boone County Soil & Water Conservation District
Boone County Conservation Board
Boone County Board of Supervisors
Boone County Health and Sanitation/Board of Health
Boone County ISU Extension Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Prairie Rivers of Iowa RC&D
Property Owners
Interested Citizens

Watershed Planning: The Committee, led by the Boone County Soil & Water Conservation District, has received a two-year grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to undertake the development of a Watershed Improvement Plan for the Don Williams Lake Watershed. This planning grant will utilize a “community-based planning” approach to raise awareness about the need to make improvements to ensure the long-term viability of the watershed.

Don Williams Shore

The experience gained from this effort will be used to address needs of other watersheds located in Boone County. Volunteers will be needed to help study watersheds and collect much needed data. Those interested in volunteering can click here for more information. (link to volunteer opportunities page)

Don Williams Watershed Planning Progress: Check back here frequently for status reports on the Don Williams Watershed Planning Process

Mobile Watershed Education Center (MWEC): the MWEC has been developed to provide on-site learning activities about water quality and watershed protection. Learning activities utilize both hands-on and technology-based opportunities to bring these issues to life for participants.

MWEC learning activities include: stream table, EnviroScape®, IOWATER demonstrations, and a number of other activities.

The MWEC utilizes a former emergency management commission mobile command post bus and is funded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Boone County Landfill.

To arrange for the MWEC to come to your entity or location, please contact the environmental education coordinator, at 515.433.0591.

Questions? Call 515.433.0591 or email: KBCB@boonelandfill.org