In Plain English

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What every Boone County resident should know about the planning and development process



This page consists of a series of mini lessons purposely desiigned to help inform and enlighten the residents of Boone County to understand the land use planning and development process in Boone County.  Appointed and elected committees, boards, and commissions play an important role in Boone County.  Citizen volunteers devote their personal time helping develop policies and legislation that help keep Boone County to be a special place to live and work.  Planning for Boone County's development is not a short term event.  We want to ensure that future generations will be afforded the same opportunities that we all enjoy today.

At the end of each lesson there is a short quiz. Answers are provided to help you grasp how well you understand the subject matter

Planning and Development in Plain English 

Where is Boone County going?  How will we get there?  Will Boone County remain sustainable?  What are the differences between the Boone County Comprehensive Development Plan and the Boone County Zoning Ordinance?   
Zoning in Plain English (Part I) Who are the main players in the Boone County zoning process?    When do their roles and responsibilities begin and end?