Master Matrix Review Committee

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Master Matrix Review Committee

Iowa Code Section 459.304(3) sets out procedures if a board of supervisors wishes to adopt a "Construction Evaluation Resolution" relating to the construction of a confinement feeding operation structure. 

Only counties that have adopted a Construction Evaluation Resolution may contest the DNR's decision regarding a specific application. 

By adopting a Construction Evaluation Resolution the Board of Supervisors agrees to evaluate every construction permit application for a proposed confinement feeding operation structure received by the Board of Supervisors each calendar year and submit an adopted recommendation regarding that application to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. 

(Click Here)  2015 Construction Evaluation Resolution No. 15-04

(Click Here)  IAC Chapter 65 Animal Feeding Operations

With an adopted Construction Evaluation Resolution, the Board of Supervisors  appoints a Master Matrix Review Committee to review confinement construction permit applications using the master matrix in accordance with Iowa Code Section 459.305.  Three residents are appointed to a one (1) year term by the Board of Supervisors and become the members the Master Matrix Review Committee.  The Planning and Development staff act as adjunct staff to assist the review committee. 

The Matrix Review Committee will review and evaluate the applicant's matrix for compliance with IAC 65 AFO CFO.

More so, a Public Notice shall be posted in the official newspaper in Boone County noting the date and time when the Board of Supervisors will review the proposed confinement feeding operation and the Matrix Committee's compliance recommendation.  The public is welcomed to address their concerns to the Board of Supervisors as well as submit any written comments.