Appointment to the Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission and/or the Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Role and Responsibilities

    Appointed citizenry to the Boone County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment generally reflect the general citizenry of Boone County.  There are no additional required qualifications to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or the Zoning Board of Adjustment. 

    Interested citizens should be civic minded and genuinely interest in growth and sustainable development issues, able to learn basic regional planning and collaboration concepts, visualize spatial relationships, and understand technical problems.  Members should consider attending educational workshops/conferences about smart growth and development. Training of appointed members is paid by the County.  Members should be able to assemble information from both written and oral testimony and apply it to the making of meaningful recommendations that are based upon adopted plans, ordinances, required findings of fact, and established policies, and not upon personal values.   

    Deliberations take place during the meeting and in front of the applicant.  Appointed members should not be easily intimidated and be willing participants in constsructive discussion of each case.  Objectivity is important.  The Planning and Zong Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment members should have an ability to listen to opposing views and still keep a clear focus on where the real public interest lies, what is not only within the law but also what is really fair, and the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion. Members should be energetic and outgoing, not be afraid to speak out, and be able to express themselves clearly and concisely in public. 

    Planning and Zoning Commission members hear and make recommendations to the Boone County Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to the County's Zoning Ordinance, such as the Official Zoning Map and zoning text amendments, conditional use permits, and updates to the Boone County Comprehensive Plan.  The Planning and Zoning Commission members also conduct special studies and plans at the direction of the Board of Supervisors. 

    The Zoning Board of Adjustment is quasi judicial which means their powers resemble those of a court of law or judge and is able to remedy a situation or impose legal penalties. 

    Members are reimbursed mileage for attending meetings and site visits.  The County will pay appointed members to attend community planning workshops and conferences.  Interested residents should call or write the Boone County Department of Planning and Development, 201 State Street, Boone, Iowa 50036 at (515) 433-0550.  An application is available on the Boone County Web Page or may be obtained by visiting the Planning and Developement office.  Boone County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.