Iowa Arboretum

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Iowa Arboretum invites you to enjoy and study trees in our park-like 40 acres of managed grounds and 340 acres of forest. Here, the loudest sound is the breeze in the pines. Broad paths lead you through the trees and past large collections of ornamental grasses, daylilies, and hostas, many uncommon or bred in Iowa. Visitors leave the Arboretum confident they’ve found trees, shrubs, and perennials that will thrive in their growing conditions and inspired to plant them.

The Arboretum maintains a busy schedule of classes and workshops for adults, along with children’s classes, and special events. It is a favorite venue in spring and summer for outdoor weddings, thanks to its landscaping and roomy pavilion. The Visitor Center is a full-featured facility that is open for modest fees to all groups. It seats up to 200 people. The audio-visual equipment includes a motorized screen, slide projectors, a digital projector, a laptop, and a public address system. The kitchen meets the needs of catering to as many as 180 guests.

The Visitor Center includes a gift shop oriented to gardeners and homeowners who want to make their gardens and yards (and themselves) more beautiful. There is also a library of horticultural books and a patio for picnics large enough for three families. Here the bird feeders attract chickadees and hummingbirds that will keep you company during your picnic.

Iowa Arboretum, 1875 Peach Ave., Madrid, IA, 50156. Phone: (515) 795-3216.