Forms, Permits and Licenses

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911 Address  (outside city limits)

How to obtain a new E911 address or replacement E911 sign or post

Click here to apply on-line.

Agricultural Permit - Ag Exempt  Flood Plain and County Tile Review

In order to qualify under the agricultural exemption, it must be demonstrated that the principal use of the land and the proposed building(s) is farm related. this includes proposed dwellings, and that the occupants of the dwelling are primarily engaged in agriculture.  The farm exemption applies only to Boone County zoning regulations. Other permits (such as floodplain & county tile development, well, septic, E-911 address or driveway access) may be required. Please contact the appropriate county department for information.

NEWS: As of 9/24/18 - Applications may now be made online from your computer 24/7/365. Click here to apply for an AGRICULTURAL PERMIT online.  You may also start the process form the Boone County Beacon Website. 

Alcoholic Beverage Permits

The Boone County Auditor's office sells, on behalf of the State of Iowa, alcoholic beverage permits for establishments located in the unincorporated areas of the county.  All licenses are done on-line thru the State of Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division.   The Board of Supervisors will approve the license once all necessary paperwork is turn in.  After approval by the Board, the State will then mail the permit to the County who will then forward it to the applicant.  The permit must be posted in full view of the public once it is received.


Boats, Snowmobile, ATV, and ORV  Forms

DNR Application for Registration

Bill of Sale for Boat Snow ATV & ORV

Affidavit for Unregistered or Untitled, ATV, ORM, ORV, snowmobile or vessels


Cigarette Permits

The Boone County Auditor's office sells, on behalf of the State of Iowa, retail cigarette permits for establishments located in the unincorporated areas of the county. 

Download a retail cigarette permit application (PDF) 

Completed applications need to be submitted to the Boone County  Board of Supervisors for approval.  After approval, the Auditor's office issues the permit to the applicant who must then post it in full view of the public.

All retail cigarette permits expire on the next June 30th after issue.  Permits cannot be issued for longer than one year.  They will be issued for shorter periods of time if purchased after July 1, and the fee will be prorated.

Driveway/Entrance Permits

Click here to apply for a driveway/entrance permit. This is for a permit to construct a new driveway or property access, or extend an existing one. Click here for instructions


Homestead Tax Credit

Click here for instructions on how to apply for the Homestead Tax Credit on-line

Click here to apply for the Homestead Tax Credit on-line.


Land Division

Division of a quarter-quarter section of land into two (2) or more lots, parcels, or other divisions of land for purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership, building development or lease. 

Land Division Application (on-line)


Non-Agricultural Zoning Permit

Non-Ag Zoning permit application (on-line)


Overweight / Oversize Permits
Boone County has initiated a new on-line Oversize/Overweight Permitting System.  With this system, the entire OSOW permitting process will only be available on-line.  The applicant will be able to create the permit, pay for the permit and print the permit at their convenience.  A link for detailed instructions on how to get started can be found below.   Please be sure to read all directions.  Also below is a link to show what the permit will now look like.

Click here for instructions on how to get started

Example of new oversize/overweight permit



Septic System Permitting

Septic Permitting Information

On-line septic permitting application


Vital Records

Application form for Certified Copy of Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate

Application from for Certified copy of Military Record