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Being prepared for what might happen is a very important part of what we can all do to survive whatever kind of disaster or incident may happen. Having a personal plan at home or at your place of work is very important. It does not matter if it is a fire, a tornado or a terrorist attack; you need to have a plan.


What are you going to do if you have a fire, if you lose electricity in 20 degree below zero weather or if most of your work staff is gone due to illness. A plan to help you get out of the house, where is everyone supposed to meet, calling relatives, alternate housing and delays in production are only a few of the things that you may be faced to decide about and if you can plan for these things before they happen, there will be less problems when it does and will ultimately help you survive the incident better. is a website that you can visit to find some of these plans.

The other thing a plan will do for you is to help you practice your plan. Pretend that your house is on fire and have everyone follow what the plan says and see if it works. If it does not work then change it until you are comfortable with what to do and that everyone in your house knows what to do. The same goes for businesses. Drill your plan and see where production can be light, who can you cross train and at what levels your operation can continue depending on staffing levels.


Emergency Responders train all the time. From a simple tabletop where they just sit around a table and talk about how a specific event will affect everyone to a full scale drill where they bring all of their equipment and personnel to a drill and pretend that it is real and see what works and what does not. Boone County Emergency Management is required to have Multi-hazard plans that include what to do in almost every situation no matter how small or large that event is. Those plans are constantly being updated and exercised so that we are all better prepared.