Search & Rescue

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Search & Rescue is a group of volunteers that have been specially trained in diving, land and water searches or rescues, traffic control, storm spotting and general assistance to other emergency response agencies. Boone County and its citizens are very unique to have a team that has the many abilities to respond to many different types of incidents

They have a long list of equipment to their disposal that has been acquired by donations, fundraisers and grants. Some of this equipment is two large Jon boats, an air filled rubber dive/rescue boat, a four wheeled ATV, an eight wheeled amphibious ATV, a self contained trailer that can be used to fill air bottles with pure air to firefighters and divers and three vehicles. They also have a lot of smaller support type equipment that helps them respond to incidents.

Search & Rescue is like a lot of volunteer agencies that only survive by receiving donations and money from fundraisers. They also are always looking for new members.