Warning Systems

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There are many different ways that warnings can be delivered to those that need to be notified. The following are examples of what we have for warning systems in Boone County.

Outdoor Warning Sirens:  These are the most common type of warning the general public has been involved with for many years. However, they primarily only cover those within city limits. If you are outside, you can hear them for several miles but each siren is only designed to notify people within a mile radius. The other piece is that they are called and designed to be heard outside. They are not designed to be heard within the home or business. The thought is that those outside may not be near another mode of warning and this will notify them to seek shelter.

NOAA Weather Radios:  There has been a big push for every household and business to have a NOAA Weather Radio. The entire state of Iowa is covered by weather information transmitters that is received by these radios. There are many different types of radios and different price ranges depending on all the bells and whistles that come with it. The name is somewhat misleading as now these radios can be used to notify the public about child abductions, evacuations that are occurring in your area and many other types of public warnings.

TV and Radio:  We live in a very good area that is served by several radio and TV venues. Local radio KWBG 1590 AM is normally in a position to be in contact with the local law enforcement, fire, storm spotters and of course, Emergency Management and can give you more up to the minute reports better than some of the other radio and TV stations.

Emergency Responders:  Emergency personnel and storm spotters are notified and work closely together with the Communication Center to help track and report information about the weather conditions and damage that may have been done. The National Weather Service is in direct contact with the communication center and with emergency management via radio. With all of these groups working together, your county is better informed as to what is happening and to what extent you should prepare for what is to come.

Emergency alert system now available in Boone County - Iowa Alert System

Boone County, IA WENS

When severe weather threatens or an emergency situation arises, Boone County residents and visitors can now choose to be notified via phone call, text message or email.

Boone County Emergency Management has joined forces with Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management to bring ALERT IOWA to Boone County. This is a system that sends out emergency or severe weather alerts to anyone who signs up.

Alerts that will be sent out include those for severe weather warnings, missing children announcements and boil orders. Severe weather warnings automatically will be sent out through the state-wide system once the National Weather Service issues the warning. Such weather-related alerts will only be sent to those in the area affected by the warning. Alerts for other emergency situations that are more localized to Boone County will be sent by either Emergency Management or through the county’s 911 dispatch center.

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