To protect the environment and public health from the
waste society generates.

The mission of the Boone County Landfill is to provide its customers and service area with environmentally responsible and cost-effective solid waste management services.

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The Landfill Department of Boone County manages the Boone County Landfill,  Boone County Recycling Services and Keep Boone County Beautiful. Our award winning programs, experienced staff and dedicated volunteers provide Boone County with sound environmental protection strategies and safe guards to protect public health.

The Boone County Landfill (BCL), located in the heart of Iowa, is proudly owned and operated by Boone County. The BCL not only provides sound disposal options, it is also charged with coordinating the solid waste management plan for Boone and Greene Counties (with the exception of Jefferson) as well as certain communities in Calhoun and Dallas Counties.

We strive to be your one-stop resource for solid waste, beautification, environmental education and recycling questions. BCLR Logo

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