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The Landfill Department manages a number of facilities and programs.

Boone County Landfill: The Boone County Landfill opened in May of 1970 as one of the very first sanitLandfill Working Area with garbage trucks and compactorsary landfills in Iowa. For the first 20 years a private contractor was hired by Boone County to operate the BCL. In 1990, daily operation of the BCL was assumed by Boone County.

May 1, 2010 marks the 40th year of operations for the Boone County Landfill.

Considered a leading environmental protection facility for the final disposal and management of solid waste, the BCL serves a population of 117,000+ in a service area that includes Boone, Greene and Story Counties (note: the Ames Resource Recovery Plant serves as the primary disposal facility for Ames and Story County) as well as select communities in Calhoun and Dallas Counties. The award-winning BCL has been acknowledged as one of the best operated landfills in the state of Iowa.

Since its opening many years ago, the BCL has seen many changes. New solid waste management planning guidelines, additional and more stringent federal and state regulations, and an emphasis on diverting waste have all helped to ensure that the BCL is a sound environmental resource for the population it serves - now and in the future.

Keep Boone County Beautiful: An affiliate of Keep Iowa Beautiful, Keep Boone County Beautiful Logothe Keep Boone County Beautiful (KBCB) program was started in 2002. The Landfill is the government sponsor of KBCB and provides staff to coordinate activities carried out by a dedicated volunteers. KBCB promotes awareness relating to litter and illegal dumping, beautification, and proactive solid waste management. The KBCB web page can provide more information as well as the Keep Iowa Beautiful web page.

Boone County Recycling Center LogoBoone County Recycling Center: The Landfill has partnered with Genesis Development to operate the Boone County Recycling Center’s processing facility, 24/7 drop-off center and the workplace recycling collection program. The recycling center was originally developed by a local not-for-profit organization in 1991 and they operated the facility until the end of 2007.
In 2008, responsibility for providing these services was assumed by Boone County through the Boone County Landfill. The facility serves residents and businesses in Boone County (except Sheldahl), the Cities of Bouton, Granger and Woodward in Dallas Counties and the Cities of Lohrville, Somers and Farnhamville in Calhoun County.

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